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Giving Model

Here at Judah Nation the Praise Station, we model giving in EVERYTHING we do. The majority of people that call themselves members focus first on giving, then receiving. The culture of Judah Nation is very outwardly focused on finding unique ways to present Christ and that is done through various “giving models.”


  1. Giving Model #1- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In difficult times, what things do you look for? Found it? Great…Now do that for someone else. (women & men’s ministries)

2. Giving Model #2- How many ways can you think of to GIVE to God unconditionally? Got it? Great! Now do that until you’ve given your all. (homeless, hurting, dying, disabled and abused ministries)

3. Giving Model #3- How many situations could you GIVE to God without ever taking back? Got it? GREAT! Now let Him handle it, your work is done. (marriage, relationship, finances, workplace, mindset ministries)

4. Giving Model #4- Do you “sometimes” pay your bills or sometimes tell your boss to keep to your check? Probably not, and we don’t either. The house of God operates on your financial support just like your household does. Give and it shall be given unto in multiplied form. (benevolence, christmas toys, easter bags, back to school back packs, bills and overhead).